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The last truly safe place on the internet. Enjoy your stay here!

I'm a teenager who likes to advocate for Free and Open Source Software, without trying to drive myself crazy. I'm no stallman, that's for sure :)

In recent years, the Internet has become a really scary place. Social Media companies took over the world, they make really stupid decisions while they're at it, too. Normies don't really care, although I don't particularly blame them entirely for this mess that we're in now, they are still partially to blame.

I don't care what the business owners think, the current state the world is in feels really unhealthy. If we, yes, we, the people, not the government, or some random company, work together, and try to stop this mess, we will succeed. Until that happens, which it most likely won't, unfortunatley, I'll be waiting here, complaining about the latest utter garbage these big tech companies do. I hope you find it entertaining, at least. Yes. Enjoy my suffering.

You can find my posts here. I'll probably not have advertising on here since usually online ads are really invasive to privacy.

At the moment, I'm not capable of hosting any kind of website myself. I rely on a web hosting company instead, even if I'd prefer to, and have the resources to run this all myself, it's simply not going to happen at the moment until I get the chance to port forward my router. Since I'm a teenager, even one with decent techincal knowlege, I cannot change my family's router settings. (I think this is fair, I'm not gonna complain about that all too much.) This web hosting company mostly focuses on small businesses from what I can tell, so I'm not particularly worried about them at the moment. Should something come up, I'll not only switch my domain provider (the same company provides my domain), but I'll switch web hosting. I don't think I'll have to do that, though.