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Meowzie's Adventure 3 Progress Update #1: September 2023

A screenshot from a beta build of MA 3, featuring a work-in-progress zone.

Hello there meowiegames.com visitors!! (otherwise known as, absolutley no one.) Welcome to the first Meowzie's Adventure 3 progress update! I had the idea to do this back in february, but hamster is really sensitive with me saying anything about unreleased stuff, so I haven't been able to make one.

In fact, I'm not allowed to show much of anything from development, besides this screenshot, which is only barley allowed. And I'm the director of the game, but I guess that doesn't give me the power to do this automatically. Anyways, since im not allowed to show much to you, I've decided to center around showing the plan for finishing off Meowzie's Adventure 3's final development stages.

At the moment, the game is in a state called "Beta Stage 4", which basically means that we are in the 4th quarter of making zones for the game.

Beta Stage 4 will conclude once the game is playable from the first level to the final boss. This will conclude beta in general as we move into pre-release, where we add the finishing touches to the game. Pre-release will probably start sometime around november, and finish a few weeks later, although, it depends on how much we have to finish.

All I can really say at the moment about the polishing stage is that it will take a while and the finished game will be very different in quality compared to demo 6. Once we're done with the pre-release stage, we will playtest the game one last time, and then release the game on this website.

I know this progress update was quite short, but I don't have much i'm allowed to show you, besides some music anyway, which is for skybase. Sky base zone has some new music since having the same track for every level is kinda boring ngl :p. So yeah here you go.

Act 2 song (The name is infiltration) Act 3 song (The name is stormy weather)