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November 10th 2023 Post #1

Click here.

November 7th 2023 Post #1

I now have a personal part of the website for my personal doings.

November 5th 2023 Post #1

The website now has a new file structure. For example, /home.html is now /Home. No UI changes have been made.

Meowzie's Adventure 3 Progress Update: September 2023

Click here.

May 22nd 2023 Post #1

The website has been redesigned to be cleaner and easier to navigate.

September 21st 2022 Post #1

The first demo for "Meowzie's Adventure 3" has been added to the website

May 8th 2022 Post #3

The Cosmic Comix Website is back online.

May 8th 2022 Post #2

The Cosmic Comix Website is temporarily down, and andrew isn't fixing it right now. I've tried alerting him, but he hasn't responded.

May 8th 2022 Post #1

The Meowzie's Adventure games are fully implemented into the website! You can play them in The projects tab. The cosmic comix website is now a shortcut in the headerbar. If you want to go to the Cosmic Comix website, then go click the button on the header, you can also click here

May 7th 2022 Post #1

Yay I managed to make the website! This took a while and im impressed with how it came out!