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November 10th, 2023: New website design (again)

Old (left) vs New (right)

Hello! It's me, Meowie, again. I'm here to show the newest update to the meowie games website, which has a new color scheme!

This is part of the gradual change away from using the cosmic comix website's code, and making the website overall cleaner.

I've been doing some housekeeping on the site lately, as the code is kind of a mess. For example, there is no set stylesheet, even though every page uses the same exact color scheme. This is my next project, cleaning out the spaghetti.

Seriously though, this was a pain to do since the website's code is so messy. It's a good thing I changed the file structure a while back, so it wasn't impossible.

Also, this time there is no backup for the previous version of the site. Why, you may ask? The filesize of the site has gotten absolutley huge (mostly due to the MA 2 archives hosted on here.), and I have to manage it somehow.

However, you can still access the May 2023 backup if you wish, as that's still up. Although I do plan to remove some of the redundant folders from there and maybe fix a bug related to one of the pages being improperly linked due to the folder change.

One last thing: When I do change the CSS to being in one file that every page accesses, I'm not going to post an update about it, since it doesn't affect most of the website, it just makes it easier to update.

Thats all for now! Thank you for reading and enjoying the Meowie Games website! -Meowie Gamer